Automotive towing service is one of the fastest ways to get back on the road, especially when you have nothing to handle a situation. Automobile breakdown, mishap, or accident can occur at any time while you are driving. Mostly we are not ready or prepared to handle these types of events. If you are ever trapped in these situations, immediately take action to avoid this frustration. Instead of waiting too long or trying useless tricks to fix any issue, hire our trustworthy automotive rescue service in Berkeley Heights. We ensure to haul both you and your vehicle to the safest and most efficient repair shop. No matter how far you are, what is the condition you have been, what the time is, we will reach out to assist you. for this reason, we maintained and ready a wide range of tow vehicle fleets to help grounded drivers on the road. We use several tow trucks to help you out from a critical condition. You can choose a suitable type of assistance by calling us according to your budget and requirement.

Auto Repair and Towing Service Near Me

Have you been trapped on the road late at night because of auto malfunctioning? Do not be panic; Get Junk Car Money towing and repair center is always open to help you even in a week of day and night. If you find us by typing tow and tire repair near me, do not let us go; dial our contact number on your phone and save this for further use. We wish you never face any trouble during your journeys, but precaution is better than carelessness. Whether you need a minor repair or a rapid auto towing in Berkeley Heights, rely on us. We have trained and skilled technicians who can fix any damage related to different car components. If your vehicle has an unrepairable issue, our flatbed tow truck drivers will haul it to any junkyards repairers. Do you need our drivers to tow the car to the mechanic shop? Let us know if you need any roadside or towing services at Get Junk Car Money. We are ready to help you in all possible ways.

Reasons Why you Need Tow Truck Service?

There are several reasons when you need auto rescue towing. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Car Crash
  • Engine Fails
  • Empty Fuel Tanks

Car Crash

Suppose anyone is driving a car on a highway and suddenly loses control due to any reason or collide with another vehicle. What action will you take in this situation? At this moment, you will need a company that offers both services of auto tow and repair in Berkeley Heights. Why not you choose us instead of wasting time looking for cheap local roadside service providers. Our expert techs and drivers know how to handle the accidental condition. At our firm, all workers are certified and have more than 10 years of experience delivering outstanding auto repair and towing services.

Cash for Scrap Cars

Engine Fails

Sometimes a dead battery, poor power supply, electrical or mechanical component malfunction cause engine failure. Due to this, a driver needs super-fast flatbed tow truck assistance.

Empty Fuel Tanks

Suppose the fuel tank runs out while driving it on a strange road at night, and you do not have an extra fuel container. This could be worse if you are completely strange in this city. Do not be panic, keep calm yourself and call us. Our mobile mechanics will reach you within 20-30 minutes.

What type of Tow Trucks Use to Transport Vehicles?

Automotive industries are making a variety of vehicle fleets in different shapes, sizes, and features. Tow truck fleets are categorized according to the weights of automobiles. These are mentioned below:

Heavy-Duty Vehicle:

Rvs, Trailers, Suvs, Loder Trucks, Tractors, Caravans, and all the heavy vehicles more than 30,000 pounds are considered heavy-duty fleets. We use 360 Rotator, integrated Rollback Tow Trucks, and Trailers to Tow Weighted Fleets.

Medium or Light Duty vehicle:

Flatbed tow trucks are used for cars, motorcycles, minivans, jeeps, and vehicles below 25,000 pounds.

What Role Does a Tow Truck Service Play for Junk Car Removal?

Tow trucks and drivers are a significant and essential part of any junkyard. Without these towing fleets, scarp or junk car removal is not possible. So before calling any roadside towing assistance providers for junk car service, make sure that they are offering this service or not. It is challenging to find a trustworthy and fully equipped auto repair and towing center in Berkeley. Get Junk Car Money is one of the reputable firms purchasing unwanted or junk cars for cash. If you have an unattractive or broken vehicle in a driveway or want to get rid of it, call us. We will give you a fair cash amount of it. You can add this money to buy other home appliances.

Why Choose Get Junk Car Money?

Several local repairs and towing shops are working in this business. It is critical to find a trusted, insured, and registered firm of auto repair towing in Berkeley heights. To avoid scams or unprofessional workers, do good research before hiring. Read customer reviews, check ratings and services before making any decision. We are proud to say that we have thousands of happy customer reviews and testimonials. These are the following factors that make us unique and thriving in this business:

  • Fast Service
  • More than 20 years of Experience in this Field
  • Complete suite services from Repairing to Maintenance, and Tow Truck Drivers
  • Cost-Effective
  • Reliable Dealers for Scrap or Junk Vehicle Removal
  • Emergency Mobile Roadside Assistance
  • Factory Trained, Loyal, Passionate Workers and other Staff members