If you believe that your old car is not worth running more on roads and that is of no use to you anymore, then contact us for car recycling option. We will purchase your hooptie for a fair amount of money. It is hard to believe, but yes, you can get money from your rusted or damaged vehicle. Get Junk Car Money helps hundreds of vehicle owners remove their scarp or junk fleet. We purchase junk and scarp automobiles from their owners and recycle them. An industrial survey shows that automotive manufacturers said up to 90% of scrap car metal is used in making new vehicle fleets. 

There are many parts of a hooptie that you can sell to the recycling garages to get more money. Scarping is an excellent way of disposing of your junk vehicles. If you are worried about where and how to replace my car, then get in touch with us. Our company is one of the most suitable places for scarping and car recycling in New Providence. You can also hire our tow truck for free junk car removal services.

Car Wreckers Near Me

If you are searching for reliable and trustworthy car wreckers for scarping your junk vehicle, then you are at the right place. We got fame in this business because of our trustworthy and quickly responsive services. You can count on us if your car crashes on the road due to any mishap or accident and become useless to you. If it happens and is declared a statutory write-off, it can never be registered for use on public roads. You can never use it on the road whether it is repaired or not. The only way is left to contact an auto wrecker. You can get money for your wrecked vehicle by contacting us. According to the condition of your auto, we will give you a fair amount of money. Moreover, if you think that some of the parts of your damaged vehicle are still worthy of repairing and selling, then remove them from it. You can also sell these parts at our repair center to get extra money. Some of the spare parts are mentioned below that you can scrap from a hooptie and sell to us:

  • Body Panels
  • Wheels, Hinge
  • Engines, Trimmings
  • Seats, Dashboards
  • Suspension, Steering Wheels
  • Transmission, GPS

In simple words, you can remove every single electronic or mechanical component from it that is still in working order.

car recycling

Best Fleet of Trucks

Different tow trucks will be more or less suited depending on the size and model of the vehicle. Not only does this affect efficiency, but it also impacts the safety of both vehicles. Every vehicle has a maximum towing weight; exceeding this limit risks damaging the vehicle’s recovery points. As a result, the broken-down vehicles, tow trucks, and driver’s safety are jeopardized. Hire a tow truck business with a broad fleet and in-depth knowledge of the car’s demands to avoid taking any chances.

Expert Drivers

Select us if you read this after typing car repair and towing near me. Hire a towing firm with a broad fleet and in-depth knowledge of the vehicle’s demands to avoid taking any chances. We have expert drivers that know all the routes and are skilled to drive in any condition.


Every competent towing firm must be licensed and accredited. A legally operating business will have the proper licensing and insurance in order to comply with local laws. You can count on us as we are the reliable ones. Call us to have professional auto repair towing in Sussex County.


A towing firm eager to reveal all of its fees is a sign of loyalty towards the consumers. People should negotiate to tow charges with them before using their services to ensure no one is overcharged. We will provide a clear summary of what decides the price as an honest company for their peace of mind. We will tow the car to mechanic.


While every business must begin somewhere, nothing surpasses years of proven towing expertise. It is not only demonstrated that they know what they are doing, but it is also a sign of quality and dependability. Professionalism and expertise are nearly guaranteed when anyone uses an experienced towing business.

Exceptional Customer Service

A reputable tow truck company does not always imply excellent customer service. We, on the other hand, combine the two. It is our main concern since we have over many years of towing experience. Rather than wasting time searching for auto repair and towing near me, call us. With a single phone call, our experts and skilled tow truck operators can be by the side at any time. Save our contact information on the phone in case of an emergency. We are excited to serve everyone! What are the opinions of customers on the services they received? Customer service is one of the essential characteristics of our dependable towing company. Examine previous reviews to get a sense of what others have to say.

Auto Tow and Repair in New Providence

People have got a clear answer if a company has just bad ratings. Keep in mind that while reviews are an excellent predictor of service quality, they are skewed. A few negative reviews among many favorable ones should not deter them from knowing more about the firm and its towing services. We are the best auto repair and towing company in New Providence. You will never feel regret after choosing us as your trusted partner. Do you want a quick tow truck and repair service from us? If your answer is yes, contact us, we are available for you 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We use highly maintained and modern tow trucks, so you don’t have to worry about the quality and safety of your vehicles. Call us now to get a highly responsive and remarkable assistant from our firm.

Car Scrap Collection in New Providence

This is our unique service that we offer free scrap vehicle collection from anywhere you want. It means, when you sell your scrap car with us, we will collect it from anywhere in New Providence. It helps you a lot in many conditions, like if you don’t have the time to drop it off or a car is not worth running. It also helps when you don’t have tax, insurance, or an MOT. We can collect your scrap vehicle from home, a garage, parking lot, workplace, and wherever is best for you. Once you accept a quote for your scrap auto, we will contact you to arrange a convenient time and date to collect it. the process is arranged within two days of you accepting a quote. We will send you a reminder, text, email, or call to confirm the collection date and time that we agreed with you. You just have to read a few things, such as your ID, car keys, ownership, or registration certificate on the collection day. Don’t forget to remove your personal belongings before our arrival.

Why you need Car Recycling Service?

Wrecked, old, and rusted automobiles are not suitable for our environment or health. Rusted metal creates chemical reactions that are harmful to both nature and humans. A useless metallic body also occupies extra space in our garages and driveways. Sometimes it becomes an eyesore to us and also for our neighbors. Then why do we keep a meta bulk in our garages? Isn’t it the best way to sell them and get extra money? Contact us if you want to get rid of useless automobiles. We will purchase them from you and recycle their metal or other spare parts for further use. Old vehicle metal or other working parts contribute to making new vehicle fleets. We can protect our environment and make good use of them by car recycling. Many vehicles manufacturers and repairs use these useless hoopties in many beneficial ways. Are you ready to get top dollar for your scrap or junk cars? Give us a call right now; we are ready to help you 24/7.

Scarp Car Recycling in New Providence

Get Junk Car Money Center is a great place for vehicle recycling in New Providence. We are proud to be a reliable vehicle recycling network, and our passion for resilience lies at the very core of our business. A single car has about 3,000 different parts, from minor screws to more significant electronic parts. It is not an easy task to recycle vehicles. We need time, knowledge, and expertise to recycle, reuse, and recover 90-95% of a car’s weight for this process. Before starting this process, we will adequately check and remove all the reusable parts from any vehicle. For example, mirrors, hubcaps, alloy wheels, undamaged windows, windshield, exhaust system parts, seats, upholstery, and more. After this, our experienced recycler will follow an exhaustive process to ensure all functional components are recovered or recycled suitably. This process also includes the safe disposal of materials and fluids unsuitable for resale or car recycling. We would like to mention 10 main car parts which can be recycled:

  1. Engine Oil
  2. Windows and Windscreen
  3. Starters and Alternators
  4. Car Mats, Rugs, Carpets
  5. Engine
  6. Oil Filters
  7. Plastic Components
  8. Tires
  9. Batteries
  10. Scrap Metal

This list shows how you can get a pretty amount of money from your unrepairable or unwanted vehicles. The more your car or parts are in good condition, the more money you will get from us. Choose us as your trusted partner for car recycling in New Providence. We will never disappoint you.

Scarp Car Recycling Price Guide

Many auto owners believe that scrapping a car or selling it to a vehicle recycler is not profitable. But in actual this is the only way to collect additional money. An average estimate of not-roadworthy scarp cars is about $485-$885 according to their weight. Prices vary according to the condition, weight, and number of working parts. It is just the value of scrap metal. You can get more money by selling individual working parts of it.

Moreover, recycling firms like us are significant because they benefit both the planet and the people living there. Metal recycling saves energy and natural resources. It is also cheaper and uses less energy than making it fresh. It helps prevent vast scrap metal from hitting a landfill and recirculating it helpfully. So, if you agree with all of these mentioned points and benefits, call us to get an estimated quote of scarp car prices in New Providence.